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Give Your Site Visitors a Fast, Slick User Experience & Reap the Rewards

Site visitors won’t hang around for long while your site takes its time to load properly on their desktop or mobile device. We live in a digital age, and people expect technology and websites in particular to instantly appear. Fail to provide this at your peril.

53% of site visitors will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. What’s more, for the best user experience we should be aiming for under one and half seconds.

This is tough news for a lot of website owners, because the average website these days takes 15 seconds to load.

User Experience

Recently a client contacted me about a site someone else had built for them a couple of years ago. They were concerned because they simply didn’t get any enquiries from it. In fact, they thought they were in the wrong type of business to attract online enquiries and had all but given up on the internet as being a source of business. This is just not the case, and the thing to remember for anyone having a similar thought, is that not all websites are created equal. The first step in getting the internet to work for your business is making sure your website is easily accessible to site visitors. They simply won’t wait.

The website in question was innovative and looked great. However, it was painfully slow to show up and use. The first thing I checked was the site speed – to my amazement it was taking over a minute to download. Most site visitors wouldn’t stick around for a fraction of a download time like this. However, there’s more to it. Slow sites are not just a problem for user experience.

Website Ranking Factor

Speed is an indexing factor for Google. You simply can’t get away from this. A slow site is poor for user experience, and user experience is King for Google. Page speed has become a major ranking factor for mobile searches, as well as desktop. It’s important for local search results as well as national/international search engine optimisation. What’s more, mobile searches drive search results more and more. So, optimising your site for mobile and desktop is now critically important for visibility in search results.

Check your site

You can quickly and easily check your site speed out here

If you have an existing site that is running slowly, get in touch and I can discuss with you ways to speed it up.

If you are planning a new website, make sure you discuss site speed with your web designer and find out if they are following and keeping up to date with the best practices required to make a site perform quickly, as well as performing optimisations and tests to ensure this is being done.

There are many other factors that Google look at when deciding how to index a site. In just the same way, there are tried and tested ingredients that go into making a website that actually adds value to your business. Keep these in mind at all times when you are building or updating your site.

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