Web Design and Development in Suffolk

Are you getting the most from your online presence?

The first questions I ask when I’m reviewing a site are things like, does the site produce the result you want? Are you making sales online, are you getting phone calls, are people registering their interest, and are people active and engaging on your site?

This question in itself can be revealing, because it’s not unusual to see sites that are created simply as a company brochure. This is okay, but turns a blind eye to the wonderful and all-empowering opportunities the internet engenders. What’s more, so often there are is no clear strategy or goal at the heart of the website. Furthermore, very often businesses simply try to replicate online what they are doing offline. This can be a big oversight.

Digging deep, fishing around and finding inventive, interactive and internet based solutions for marketing your business online is the key to success.


This brings me to my list. When I assess a website, I do a quick checklist assessment to get a snapshot of what’s working, what needs help, and what isn’t working. I do this before rolling up my sleeves and delving into the detail. It’s a great way to see if the site can be upgraded, or if a rebuild will in the end be the most economical and best way forward.

This is what I initially look at?

  1. What is the goal and call to action the website is built around? How could this be enhanced or improved? How clearly is this message communicated?
  2. What is the message above the fold (ie without scrolling) that is communicated on the home page? How does this fit with the business?
  3. Is the company image, branding, ethos, as well as what the business stands for and represents, well communicated?
  4. What is the user experience like? For example, how fast is the site, how well is the navigation structured, how well is the text written, or how easy is it to understand?
  5. How strong is the site visually? Will it stand out above its competitors?
  6. How well does it pass various technical website audits?
  7. How interactive is the site?
  8. Is the site SEO friendly and SEO optimised? This is more than loading a simple WordPress plugin. Are keywords carefully chosen and utilised correctly, are links handled correctly, and much more?
  9. Is the site kept up to date with fresh information?
  10. The bottom line, does the site give me confidence to move onto the next step with its business? If not, why not?

This in a nutshell is what I look at. The technicalities of the site are one very important aspect, and the marketing and message of course the other main area. Not all websites are created equal by any means. Getting it wrong, or making do with a website that was bootstrapped some time ago could be at the expense of greater and bigger things!

Get in touch if you would like me to run through your website with you and see what opportunities there are for improvement.