Local Search is Crucial

With a high volume of businesses closing and people traveling shorter distances, getting a red pin in a top three position on the map in your area is increasingly important.

Open now and near me searches have risen during the COVID pandemic. Even if you’re not open now, building the foundations so that you do appear for these searches and prominently in local results is an invaluable marketing step. What’s more, with 97% of people looking for local businesses online, the real question is can you afford to miss out?

Internet Use Has Never Been Higher

A huge impact of COVID has been people turning to and relying more on the internet. Internet use means searches, online banking, zoom/skype meetings, gaming, watching movies, mobile apps, social media, etc. In short, time online has skyrocketed.

What does that mean for local business?

Well, all-time high internet use has not translated into a higher volume of online searches for all businesses. In fact, the reality is that non-essential businesses have actually seen a decline in search volumes. The focus of searches has been health related, news and other relevant subjects. What this means is a real split in the COVID impact, and consequently a different handling of the situation is appropriate.

Businesses providing essential services

For those that provide essential services relevant to the prevailing pandemic, SEO couldn’t be more important if you are to rise above your competitors and stand out on the maps. The usual SEO best practices apply and having a solid SEO strategy and plan in place is the first step.

Businesses providing non-essential services

For those businesses providing non-essential services, spending money to show in search results when people aren’t really interested might seem like a pointless task. However, taking this time to boost your SEO is a good way to position yourself for the shift that will come. COVID will not dominate long term, so taking a longer term strategy is worthwhile. There are plenty of SEO steps you can take that are free – such as writing evergreen blogs about topics other than the trending COVID.

In addition, setting up your local SEO foundations meticulously is a perfect thing to do. So many times I visit companies and the basic, key steps needed for a solid local SEO campaign are simply not in place correctly with potentially huge ramifications on your visibility in the maps. What all businesses want out of local SEO is the coveted red pin in the top three results. This takes exact steps and attention to detail. Getting this right at this time will serve as a launch pad for your business when things do eventually turn around.

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