Nailing your web strategy & implementation steps is critical

Getting it right first time, and with a bang, is going to save time and money, while moving your business up to the next level.

Here is my checklist, and this is the very first thing to examine when thinking about a new site or a site upgrade.

  • What is the objective of the website?
    At this stage don’t worry about how you will implement it, focus on our goals. These might range from generating more qualified leads, customer service facilities, and branding to getting more organic traffic, income generation and cost cutting. To work out the objectives, digging deep into the workings, goals and market for your business as a whole is critical. Defining your objectives is a vital first step.
  • Analyse the marketing and websites you already have in place
    Track what’s working and what’s not. If you have an existing website, drill down into the Google Analytics and pinpoint which keywords have the best results, which pages have the lowest bounce rate, what your exit pages are, which Google listings are driving traffic, and more. Offline, examine which campaigns are most effective and work out why. Offline campaigns can’t simply be mapped onto a website, but you can define what your customers respond to, what their pain points are and what drives them to take action.
  • Competition
    Check out what’s working and what’s not working for your competitors. Analyse their domain authority, back links, marketing message and more.
  • Content, user experience & design
    Based on the above three points, hone in on exactly what your website needs to do and how. Create a plan of action for content (be it written, images or video) creation and management, both short term and long term. In fact, mapping out a plan for at least 12 months is ideal. Building a successful website is something that continues to roll out even after the launch and you really need an executable plan.

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