You may have a successful offline business, or be starting from scratch

Whichever stage your business is at, going online opens the door to both new marketing and sales opportunities, but more over a new way of doing business altogether.

I’ve helped many people set up their businesses online, from business consultants and construction companies to those in the arts. The one thing that is always true is that taking your business online requires a fresh model, plan and approach.

Getting Started

The first step is mapping out your objective. What are you hoping to achieve? More sales, create or grow your brand, improve customer service, grow qualified leads?

Next, pin point what your customers want, their pain points, their desires and how you can help them.

From there, getting the right product at the right price to the right market – with the internet as your vehicle, is the objective.

Discover the Best Business Model for You

There are countless ways to set up your online presence, all governed by your objective. Here are just a few:

Sell your product online:
Set up an ecommerce store to sell a physical product, service or digital information online.

Branding site
Build your brand, promote your sales pitch and guide online visitors to your chosen call to action.

Advertising model
Making money through advertising, such as Google Adsense, is a tried, tested and simple model. Content websites with a higher levels of traffic can charge for relevant advertising per impression, per click, or/and a fixed cost.

Subscription business
A great way to generate recurring income – this model provides users with a service or solution based on a monthly or regular fee.

Productized services
Productized services are services that are packaged, sold and delivered just like products. It’s a popular way to package and sell what would be a one-to-one client service, such as web design and SEO.

Affiliate marketing
Often set up through Amazon, you simply sign up to sell different products, and build sites and blogs around those products or services for a cut of the profit.

Start-ups going online have a great advantage of being able to set their business up from home, with fewer overhead costs and ultimately, less risk. Importantly, you can create a high end, online brand effectively out of your garage quite easily. There are many more options for a cash-strapped start-up online than there are in the offline world.

More and more existing retailers are aggressively pushing their internet presence and brand. What’s more, a growing number are closing the doors on their brick and mortar outlets altogether, and turning to the online world. Reduced overheads and costs are hugely attractive.

If you are thinking of starting an online business, want to take your business online, or want to revamp your existing website, get in touch.