Web Copy Tricks

Keep it short, punchy & attention grabbing

The main thing is to write as if you are talking to someone right in front of you. Make sure you are answering the questions they will have on their mind, rather than focusing on your business features.

Think about and include the keywords people will be using to search for you and use them naturally in your text. In the world of SEO today, it’s all about making your website useful to users, keeping them engaged for longer and providing a user friendly experience. Everything should be natural and easy to follow and read.

Web copy writing technique

The writing technique is very different to that used in writing for magazines, newspapers and marketing material in general. Frustratingly, it’s something that trips up many websites, which is such a wasted opportunity.

Beautiful graphics, fast loading time, good search engine positioning – these are all vital. However, if the web visitors are not engaged and captivated in just a second or two, all that work is for nothing.

Top 8 copy writing mistakes

  1. Lengthy sentences. Most sentences should be less than 20 words, but the odd one can go over.
  2. Not enough transition words. These are words that direct your readers, such as because, therefore, furthermore, whatsmore, besides. They keep your reader going to the next sentence, and they make your text more readable.
  3. Not enough subheadings, or paragraphs that are too long.
  4. Not enough visual breaks in the text, such as images or graphics.
  5. Overuse of passive voice, rather than direct active voice.
  6. An overly formal voice.
  7. A tone that is not friendly enough.
  8. Not enough variation in how sentences are started. For example, don’t start all your sentences with the word ‘they’ or ‘then’. Mix it up.

Nugget of gold

The best piece of advice I can give, is to write as if you are talking. Picture your ideal client in front of you and pen what you would say. Keep in natural. Keep it friendly. Really talk to them. Answer their needs, questions and aspirations.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more, or discuss your project – I would love to hear from you.