web design impact
Have you ever wondered how to get your web presence to actually add value to your business.

By this I mean a website that might generate income, bring in new sales leads, strengthen your brand, provide a service, or position you heads and shoulders above your competitors.

Building a new website and taking on your internet footprint is a golden opportunity to make a huge difference to your bottom line. However, for many there is a massive missed opportunity. Instead of turbocharging their business they notice very little, if any, difference. It’s easy to explain this away with explanations of how your business doesn’t have a good fit online.

The secret is to adapt, carve out your niche and execute with precision. Top essential steps for success:
  1. Define the purpose of your website. Make sure all content, branding and marketing support this goal.
  2. Understand how your website fits into the digital landscape, and set yourself up for a win by correctly integrating into Google, directories and more.
  3. Know your customer, their search behaviour, their online behaviour and what makes them tick. Know them and isolate what will make their experience easier, better, faster – you name it.
  4. Research keywords, competitors, search queries and eek out opportunities so you can build this into your site from the start.
  5. Invest in branding and images. You need to stop visitors bouncing off your site before they start reading- this is done with visual impact. You can’t cut corners with this. Powerful branding is vital. 0. Make sure your website is optimised for search engines – both technically, on page, and off page. This is not just a case of running a piece of WordPress software, it’s a highly involved process that requires knowledge, experience and attention to detail.
  6. Keep your website fresh, and be active online generally. Be careful only to publish unique, quality content that fits with your goal and which can compete for top rankings positions – google is now all about quality and user experience and relevance. Invest in quality not quantity -this tip is worth its weight in gold.

It’s no accident when websites do well and add value to a business. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve this goal.